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Head of School Welcome

Welcome to Northwood School!

Hello, my name is Michael Maher and I am the head of Northwood School. Located in the Village of Lake Placid and heart of Adirondack Park, Northwood School educates one hundred ninety-five (195) students from twenty-three (23) states and twenty-four (24) countries. This makes us one of the most diverse boarding schools in the United States. We surround our college-prep curriculum with a number of signature programs in robotics, aviation science, innovation and design, an experiential program which we call L.E.A.P., and a number of other options which collectively give you an opportunity to explore an area of interest, to develop a passion for learning, and to differentiate yourself in the college process.

Northwood has always offered an outstanding experience in athletics, particularly in ice hockey, skiing, crew and outdoor activities. In recent years we have expanded our offerings by building a soccer program that ranks among the best in the nation in addition to an equestrian program. And for kids who enjoy the arts, Northwood has a great deal to offer. Not only in terms of the fine arts such as ceramics and painting, but also in the performing arts. Over twenty (20) kids participated in the fall theater production and we have increased the number of students interested in everything from playing the guitar to vocal performances.

Northwood offers all of the structure and familial setting of the small-school atmosphere while at the same time offering an expansive campus to explore your interests. I encourage you to come visit us at Northwood School and I look forward to meeting you.

Maher Signature

Michael J. Maher, Head of School