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Northwood News provides ongoing highlights important topics and areas of interest at Northwood School. 

May 24, 2023

The awarding of prizes and awards to students who have achieved excellence in academics, athletics, and citizenship is a long-standing Northwood tradition that was again observed this year.

From the Innovation, Engineering and Entrepreneurship Prize, given to a student whose curiosity, creative problem solving, and teamwork helped advance the development and growth of the IEE program; to the Northwood Award, given to the senior who has shown through influence, character, and service to be the outstanding citizen of the school community, embodying our highest ideals and offering a… continue reading

May 23, 2023

May I thank all of you in the audience for being here to support us at the end of four years of what Chadd Cassidy, my hockey coach sophomore year, constantly reminded us was a process – a seemingly never ending series of steps to reach our goal. Accepting that it was going to be a lot of work and quite a few missed passes and shots before we got to where we wanted to be as a team, helped me accept that it was going to be a process for me to get to be where I wanted to be individually, as a student, athlete, and person. Everything has a process--- writing this speech included. Fortunately… continue reading

April 26, 2023

Northwood’s final Pathways presentation of the year will take place on May 3rd at 8:00 p.m. This session’s topic is life-long careers in sports after one’s playing days are over.

Luke Daniels '14 will once again moderate the panel discussion. Participants include Katie Gilligan ’09, Hannah Babcock ’05, Brett Kurtz ’88, and Jeff Byrne, who taught and coached at Northwood from 1977-1982.

Katie Gilligan, who skied at Plymouth State University, worked at Northwood as a coach from 2014-2021 before becoming Director of the Custom program at Sync Performance, a ski apparel company… continue reading

April 19, 2023

Shortly after Commencement, many in the school’s community will embark on this year’s May LEAP (Learn, Engage, Apply, and Perform) opportunities which range from a four-day intensive course introducing the modern circus at the National Circus Training School; studying sustainable tourism, culture, geology and cuisine in coastal Vietnam; geothermal sustainability in Iceland; and other offerings. Northwood School’s LEAP program is designed to enrich students’ academic experiences by providing unique experiential programs that serve to broaden horizons, further academic growth, and provide… continue reading

March 15, 2023

Many in the Northwood community enjoyed the recent Ring the Bell videos on Instagram which covered a wide variety of activities at school. Among the favorites was of the mascot, the Northwood Husky, portrayed striding past the victory bell and letting loose with a howl. Last year, viewers might recall the internet video, Husky Love, in which the mascot was joined in matrimony to another costumed canine by our own Justice, Steve Reed. In addition to his cyber appearances, the Husky is involved in much of school life, including at most sporting events. The question many outside of school… continue reading

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