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Northwood News provides ongoing highlights important topics and areas of interest at Northwood School. 

May 05, 2022

College Acceptances

by Stephen Reed

The results are in and this year’s Northwood seniors and 39 other graduates from recent classes who played hockey, skied, or otherwise filled gap years successfully navigated the college application process, earning acceptances at over 150 colleges. Some statistics and some thoughts about the process follow:

Applications filed by seniors: 310

Acceptances: 137

Early Decision/Early Action Acceptances: 28

Wait List: 32 (All these students have admits at other colleges)

Number of colleges… continue reading

April 01, 2022

The Nelson Sisters

by Stephen Reed


Over the last few years, Northwood has enrolled many outstanding international students. Recently, I spent some time with two such students, twin sisters from Saint Lucia, juniors Christie-Ann and Iva-Amanda Nelson.

Introduced to Northwood by a non-profit organization, Inspiring Young Minds, they saw Northwood as a chance for enhanced academic, artistic and athletic opportunities. Although Amanda was somewhat daunted by April’s cold weather on their first visit, both girls found the school welcoming, cozy, and… continue reading

March 29, 2022

A Dance Celebrating 50 years of Northwood Women

by Mandi Maiore


The creative process for this trimester’s elective, The Choreographic Mind, began with a series of questions: What are you passionate about? What have you discovered about yourself while here at Northwood? If you could create any dance piece, what would it look like? What message do you want to communicate to your audience? From these questions bloomed a beautiful response from three students doing a group choreography project together.

Jillian Clark '23, Ruby Maiore '22, and Ruby Lewin '… continue reading

March 23, 2022

Small Packages, Big Things

Howard Runyon


In fall 2016, Su Hae Jang came to Northwood as a ninth-grader. So did Imani Hawman. Su Hae would be known here as Jessica; her home was in Seoul. Imani was from Connecticut. In their first week, both girls signed up for the Crew. They were similar in size--small, by rowing's eccentric standards--and much different in personality. Jessica, already fluent in American English, was talkative and openly curious. Imani was quiet, watchful, a careful chooser of her moments to speak. She was also an alpine ski racer, already… continue reading

March 21, 2022

Mary Hardy 

by Stephen Reed 


As I look back on my 51 years at Northwood, my pick for the most beloved person ever to work on our staff would be Mary Hardy, our school nurse from 1977-2000. If the Guinness Book of World Records could quantify compassion, patience, and benevolence, she would be a contender for number one in every category.  

Now 86 years old, she joined me at Starbucks last week for coffee. Just back from a vacation in Florida, she spoke of the fun she’d had swimming, walking, and kayaking with her nephew. Post-retirement, Mary has found… continue reading

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