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Foreign Language Courses

French I This course is designed as an introduction to language learning. In addition to learning basic grammatical concepts, students develop listening, reading, and speaking skills in the French language. This is an introductory course and no prior language study is required.

French II This course is a continuation of first year French. It strives to cultivate a true interest in French language and culture. Through building on the basis of French I skills, French II enables students to communicate in simple sentences in spoken or written French. It also widens students' worldviews by introducing them to French speaking cultures.

French III This course is a continuation of French II. It is designed to broaden the student’s outlook on life and the world around him/ her. It opens doors to future career choices: it helps students learn about themselves as they become more aware of others, and it aids in communication skills. All basic verb tenses are studied, vocabulary acquisition is emphasized, and daily speaking and listening are an essential part of the course. Students write short compositions in French.

French IV / V (Honors) This is an advanced honors-level French class offered to qualified students who show genuine interest in mastering the language and understanding the culture. Classes are given in French entirely. During the early part of the year, emphasis is placed on grammar review, verbal expression using basic vocabulary and reading short stories. Later in the course, we concentrate on more difficult grammatical concepts, more sophisticated vocabulary and reading French literature. Throughout the year students are required to present their work both orally and/or in written form.

Spanish I This course explores Spanish cultures both in the western hemisphere and Spain as a welcome to the spoken and written language. Students learn basic vocabulary and grammar as they begin to build a foundation in a language that is fast becoming an essential in the United States.

Spanish II and III These courses build upon the fundamentals learned in Spanish I. Classroom focus is on conversational Spanish, while homework includes practice on grammatical skills and mechanics. Readings include analysis of short stories and Spanish literature as it pertains to Spanish speaking cultures.

Spanish IV/V (Honors) This is an advanced honors-level Spanish class for students who have mastered the skills taught in levels I, II, and III, and who have earned at least a B grade. Advanced grammatical skills are reviewed throughout the year in addition to readings of sophisticated literature, compositions, comprehension based activities, and group project based learning. Authors include Lorca, Marquez, and Neruda.

* Additional languages available through online curricula. Students working with an online curriculum do so with the structured support of a member of Northwood's Foriegn Language faculty . In the past we have worked with programs such as Middlebury Interactive Languages and OneSchoolHouse. 

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