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Northwood on Main

When construction and remodeling is complete, signature programs and other offerings will be housed in the “Northwood School on Main” facility. This 12,000 square foot Center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship and the Arts is housed in a historic building on Main Street in downtown Lake Placid. This facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art digital and traditional fabrication studios that include 3D printers, laser cutters and a host of additional tools. It will allow for the expansion of our robotics program, provide classrooms and meeting areas for entrepreneurship courses, audio and video recording studios, and performance space. Additionally, “Northwood School on Main” will have a fully-equipped apartment allowing us to provide residencies to experts in different fields who will work with our students, faculty and the community.

What do colleges and future employers think about our Northwood on Main programs?

Now, more than ever, colleges and universities seek students with “ARC” qualities (students who are analytical, resilient, and curious) and who have defined themselves in unique ways outside of a traditional transcript. A Northwood on Main experience includes portfolio development and marketing tools that help students communicate their learning to colleges and universities. Our unique portfolio system provides a professional backdrop and organizational tools for our students’ work in innovation. 

Large and small corporations have learned to value coordination and collaboration instead of the direct ownership of ideas. When companies work together, the results are exponentially grander. This is future of science, business, and learning. And these are the values we hold true at Northwood School. Northwood on Main is how we’re growing the next generation of great innovators.

Northwood on Main facilities include:

  • Digital fabrication studio
  • Traditional fabrication studio
  • Robotics lab and arena
  • Presentation theater
  • Collaborative meeting rooms
  • Film and audio recording and editing studios
  • Cafe-style brainstorming and meeting areas
  • Open workshop space