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Signature Academic Programs

A Distinct Academic Experience

In addition to our comprehensive college-prep curriculum, we offer several distinct academic programs that are unique to Northwood School. Like all other small boarding schools, we provide countless opportunities for "hands-on" learning in our classes but with our Signature Academic Programs, Northwood School goes beyond what is offered elsewhere. Our L.E.A.P, Innovation and Design, Entrepreneurial Studies and Computer Programming and Robotics courses provide students with a chance to gain, practical, "First-Hand Experiences" that are seldom offered at the high school level. These experiences not only help our students further develop their passions and interests, but also distinguish Northwood School students during the college admission process. 

Explore our course catalog and read more about signature programs to discover academic opportunities at Northwood School.

Signature Academic Offerings
L.E.A.P. Program
Computer Programming & Robotics
Entrepreneurial Studies
Innovation & Design
Northwood Academic Programs