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Innovation & Design

Innovative Hands-On Learning

Future Skills

How can we thrive in an ever-changing world? By turning innovation into daily practice. In the Innovation + Design program, students realize new solutions to problems through creative thought and collaboration. Simply put, great ideas don’t just fall from the sky. Effective innovations are the result of careful work. This course uses a collaborative process and project-based curriculum to teach students how to identify unmet needs in the world around them and design effective solutions.

Northwood School students start with independent research and use class sessions to identify potential projects. They then learn methods of evaluating existing research and information, conceive solutions, test them through prototypes, and ultimately develop innovations that take action to resolve real-world problems. With help from visiting experts, students also learn how design can lead to entrepreneurial opportunities. This program gives dreamers and makers the skills to bring their ideas from concept to reality.

Hands-on Solutions

Students drive the process. They identify problems, use tools and computer programs to develop prototypes and to craft proven solutions. The Innovation Hub at Northwood School facility provides the space where students become leaders and navigate problem-solving as a team. Students become comfortable with the unknown, adept at turning research into insight, and develop resilience as they transform nebulous ideas into designs that improve daily life.

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