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Northwood School’s 2020-2021 dance program is offered through our partnership with the Dance Sanctuary and provides options and opportunities for students of all abilities. Whether you are entering as an experienced dancer with multiple years of advanced training or your first dance experience happens while you are here, our program can support your interest, passion, growth, and development as a dancer.

What distinguishes our dance program is that in addition to offering performance-based offerings to students of all abilities through our co-curricular program, we also offer multiple dance-focused courses as part of our academic curriculum.

Co-Curricular Dance Offerings

  • Ballet (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Jazz (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Contemporary (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Tap (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Hip-Hop (Beginner to Advanced) 
  • Dance for Athletes

Dance Company

The Dance Company is an audition-entry program designed for students seeking an intensive, multi-disciplined dance experience. In addition to taking advantage of the full menu of performance-based courses available through our co-curricular offerings in the fall and spring, Company Dancers receive extended rehearsal and training throughout the course of the year. 

While in our “winter academic schedule” (following Thanksgiving vacation until spring vacation), our Company has two to three hours of additional rehearsal/training time with our program directors four times a week. In addition to providing students the opportunity to gain experience in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and other disciplines, the Dance Company provides students an opportunity to gain a better understanding of more advanced dance components such as choreography and strength training for dance. Students of the Company may also be required to take one or more of the dance-focused courses as part of their academic course load.

The Dance Company is designed for those students seeking a high-level dance experience while at Northwood and/or for those who have the desire and ability to pursue dance at the collegiate level or beyond.      

Academic Offerings

Dance based courses are offered each term as part of an academic program. These courses meet with the same frequency and are graded in the same manner as all other academic courses and are open to all students, whether or not they are apart of one of the performance-based dance offerings. The academic department overseeing each course is determined by the area of study and curriculum for each course. 

Potential academic course offerings for the 20/21 are Choreography,  The History of Dance, Dance Technique and Improvisation, and The Art of Dance.