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Whitewater Kayaking

Northwood School offers whitewater kayaking as a spring sport designed to provide an introduction to the world of whitewater sports.  

The whitewater kayaking program utilizes the abundance of local rivers to instruct complete beginners through more advanced kayakers.  Northwood has a great assortment of whitewater kayaks as well as some IKs (inflatable kayaks).  As the students gain experience, they learn about river safety, paddling and bracing, rolling, "reading rapids", and how to have a great time on the river. Although kayaking is an individual sport, there is an emphasis on the team aspect and supporting each other on the water.  

The kayaking program starts off in Mirror Lake with flat water paddling skills and rolling basics.  We then progress all the way through Class III rapids and running some smaller (8ft) waterfalls depending on the experience and skill level of our group.

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