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Notes From the Kobl - Oct. 2-6, 2017

Summer has ended and the cooler days of fall have enveloped the campus.  Snow appeared for the first time on Whiteface and the surrounding High Peaks.  The shift in seasons appropriately mirrors the shift from beginning a new year to settling into the school year.

Much has happened these past two weeks. Below is a mix of stories that you may have heard about from Facebook, Twitter and or your kids.  

The faculty and staff hope to see you at Family Weekend (October 5 - 7, 2017) at the end of the week.  

41st Annual Northwood School Mountain Day

group on Hurricane Mountain summit

Forty-one years ago the tradition of sending our students into the surrounding High Peaks began.  Today it is a time honored tradition that faculty and students look forward to each year.  Northwood Alumni Angela Hadjis Tzamouranis '89 perhaps said it best: "I sort of liked mountain day..... in retrospect, I loved mountain day! Such an awesome experience!"

flyer for open mic night
Teachers Noel Carmichael and Mike Portal have begun "Cafe Northwood."  The Friday Night Open Mic series will allow students, faculty and the extended Northwood Family to come share their music, poetry, dance, comedy, story-telling and visual arts.


Science Classes Take a Hands-On Approach

There is nothing better than learning by doing. In science, the doing may involve dissecting a sheep's heart or  collecting data for a phrenology study. Below are photos of Mrs. Walker's Human Bio class mid-dissection, and Ms. Fagan's Biology students working with Dr. Ezra Schwartzberg '96 in class and in the field.

science class

students in the lab