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Tam N. '22 Showcases Artistry in Painting 2

In Painting 2, Mrs. Van Slyke tasked her students to paint a neon sign from a personal photo they took during the holiday break. The work so far is outstanding!

Now let us introduce you to Tam N. and his brother George N. Mrs. Van Slyke went a bit further with these two and pushed their skills to rearrange the image with a more advanced armature composition. They were given the opportunity to work in water-mixable oil for the first time.

Tam has shared with us his work, and we now share it with you.

"Tam is extremely detailed and can see as an artist," states Mrs. Van Slyke. "He knows when something is 'off,' and he can figure things out and try things until something works."

We are so #northwoodproud of the talent and the incredible time these students put into their classwork. Per, Mrs. Van Slyke., Tam and his brother are in the art room around the clock painting and drawing.