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Adirondack Center for Writing's PoemVillage 2019

Over thirty Northwood students (and a couple teachers) submitted poems this year to the Adirondack Center for Writing as part of the annual PoemVillage project in Saranac Lake. Each year hundreds of poems by residents and visitors are submitted. These are then posted in the windows of participating businesses in Saranac Lake. On a recent afternoon Ms. Carmichael and her students made the short drive to Saranac Lake to experience PoemVillage 2019 and see if they could find their own work.

Despite a little rain that day, the group worked its way up and down Main Street and Broadway, reading poems and looking for familiar names. The experience allowed many of the students to see their work printed and on public display for the first time. For a sizable portion of the group, this was their first visit to Saranac Lake! The afternoon made for a great celebration of poetry. Thank you to Ms. Carmichael for encouraging our students to take part in this fun annual project put on by the Adirondack Center for Writing.