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Cyber-ian Husky

Many in the Northwood community enjoyed the recent Ring the Bell videos on Instagram which covered a wide variety of activities at school. Among the favorites was of the mascot, the Northwood Husky, portrayed striding past the victory bell and letting loose with a howl. Last year, viewers might recall the internet video, Husky Love, in which the mascot was joined in matrimony to another costumed canine by our own Justice, Steve Reed. In addition to his cyber appearances, the Husky is involved in much of school life, including at most sporting events. The question many outside of school have is, just who is the human behind the fur? He’s J. T. W. ’25 who shares that some of the tricks of being a good mascot include the golden rule of never speaking as, “You have to learn how to communicate your message with your hands. For example, if an opposing team scores a goal, you lower your head and shake it to look sad.” As well, being comfortable in his skin took some time as J. T. must look through the costume’s mouth to see where he is going. Are their Husky rivals? Well, yes – during the recent FISU Games, the Northwood mascot engaged in a spirited snowball fight with FISU mascot, Mac the Moose letting the moose understand Mac was just a visitor to Lake Placid!