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Friday the 13th Camp-Out

On the evening of Friday, October 13th, a group of 14 students climbed and camped overnight on Cobble for a trip planned and led by Northwood’s Outdoor Leadership Education class, under the guidance of Mr. Jim Dingle. For 11 of those students, it was their first wilderness camping experience.  The group left campus at 7 p.m. with backpacks, sleeping bags and headlamps for their trek up. Once they took in the view of the beautifully lit Village of Lake Placid below, they built a fire, enjoyed hot dogs, s’mores and hot chocolate, and were entertained by Mr. Dingle’s ghost stories befitting of this traditionally unlucky date.  “It was a great trip,” said Isaac Newcomb ’17, one of the outing's leaders. “We had good conversations around the campfire and even some good scary stories.” The group arrived back on campus the next morning in time for brunch without incident, injury, or ghost sightings.