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Gaby Pilson '13 featured in CNN Travel article

Northwood's own Gaby Pilson '13, outdoor educator and climbing instructor at Outforia, is featured in the following CNN Travel article "Everest's 100 years of destiny and death on the roof of the world." 

"One major advancement was the establishment of a team of highly skilled Nepalese climbers known as the Icefall Doctors in 1997."

"The Icefall Doctors establish a route through the Khumbu Icefall, which is one of the most dangerous sections of the popular South Col Route. Without them, the number of commercial expeditions on Everest each year wouldn't be nearly as high as it is today. However, many Nepalese Icefall doctors, guides, and porters have lost their lives in recent years while working in this dangerous section of the mountain."

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