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The Innovation Hub at Northwood School Construction Update Vol. 7

Volume 7 / August 8, 2019

Since the Topping Out in June much has been accomplished this summer at The  Innovation Hub at Northwood School. View the video or read more below. 

A significant amount has been completed out back on the Lake Level side of the building.  We removed the old, three-story porch and prepped the area to begin a foundation for a new, weatherized, three-story structure. This involved removing the old concrete blocks, digging holes and setting new forms. Concrete was added to the forms just this week.  We also had to remediate the lead paint and applying a fresh coat on the facade. The paint used for the facade matches the color from the original building. The remaining work has been on the interior of the building. Infrastructure like a new sprinkler system was added. We also began installing the ducts for the HVAC units that will be installed later in September. This will handle air exchange throughout the building. We had to frame up some windows, add new sills to those frames and even added a brand new doorway at the Lake Level.  Walls and stairwells were framed and plumbing was added throughout the three story structure. Walls for the bathrooms were also framed (there will be one platform per floor) and electrical wire was run. Spray foam was then added to provide more insulation to the building so that it would be more energy efficient. Conduits were added to the Main Street level to receive both data and power and the holes used to get the steel columns in were covered. The Main Street level work also included expanding a window at the rear of the building that provides a great view of the lake.  We continue to anticipate construction to be completed for the 2019-2020 school year. 

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