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Martine Schachenmayr Retires

Martine Schachenmayr, foreign language faculty, is retiring after 26 years. Martine is from Saumur, France and she joined Northwood in 1994. Both of her children, Philipp and Beatrice graduated from Northwood School. The entire Northwood School wishes her the very best in retirement!

In celebration, fellow faculty share some of their well wishes:

  • Martine you are one of a kind! Northwood will not be the same without your laugh, sense of humor, and mispronounced words:) Enjoy retirement! - Carrie
  • What I love most about Martine is her passion for living and her adventurous spirit. Some folks might not know that during the summer months, Martine loves to take a late-night dip in the lake by herself. She's a friend to all and always gave 100% to her students and colleagues. Congrats on a well-deserved retirement! - Marcy
  • Martine. You made it! we have been through so much together. Raising our kids at school. Watching you be the most amazing mother and parent role model. I will never forget Sara saying to me that you were one of her favorite teachers of ALL TIME. Thanks for all the laughs over the years. You will be truly missed. - Donny
  • You've been working a long time for this day. You deserve it, and all the best for a happy retirement! Thank you for all you've done for Northwood and its students! - Sandy
  • Martine, I have always enjoyed our time together over the last five, dazzling you with my amazing French (haha), sharing a meal in the dining room, conversing about our mutual love for travel and world languages, preparing the laptops for the TOEFL exams, or enjoying friends on lady's night out at your house. But, by far, my fondest memories are from our LEAP week together in 2018 with Ingrid. We had so much fun visiting Asgaard Farm, eating all those fresh and delicious foods, making aprons (I'm still jealous of yours), taking cooking classes at Paul Smiths, and experiencing some French culture and cuisine at the Left Bank Cafe. Thank you for always being so welcoming, friendly, and collaborative. I wish you the best for a wonderful retirement. You will be missed by all of us. Let's be sure to keep in touch. - Lisa
  • Martine - it has been a true pleasure to work with you! Congratulations on your retirement! - Tara
  • When I was a student I opened the window in class constantly, and it annoyed Shack-attack to no end. I was a terrible French student. She was so ready to get rid of me I think she passed me just so I wouldn't be in her class again. Eleven years later I showed back up as the new environmental science teacher and she couldn't have been nicer, welcoming me back. Her positivity and energy are infectious, she even makes you smile when she's burned out and annoyed. -Tyler
  • Martine - You're a wonderful friend and a talented and patient teacher. We've all benefited from your love and support and Northwood won't be the same without you! Enjoy every minute of retirement, you've earned it! - Sytske, Jeff and Anja
  • Martine, congratulations on your retirement! I enjoyed your visits to the Library/LC in search of a good book or just to chat. When I first arrived at Northwood, you were so kind to offer your support and share some materials that you thought might be helpful to our mission in the Learning Center. You have offered so much to the Northwood community over the years. Enjoy - it is well-deserved! - Brenda
  • Martine, you were a great French teacher and colleague. You established some really strong connections with students and motivated them to succeed. You will be missed around these parts! - Jeff
  • Martine’s energy, kindness, and straight talk are great memories. She could convince me to do anything! - Teresa
  • No one makes crepes like Martine -- a memory that many alums share. We will miss you, Martine, but we still intend to invite ourselves over to your garden! - Stephanie
  • Martine, you have been a wonderful colleague to me over the years, and I'm grateful for your professionalism and commitment to your students. I'll also add that Martha would probably say that one of the best parts of our families moving onto campus is her friendship with you. - John
  • For all of my fifteen years at Northwood, Martine has been a wonderful colleague, and an inspiring and thoroughly dedicated teacher. Merçi, Madame! - Howard
  • Martine, Wishing you a delightful retirement. Your spirit and energy will be missed, but I am excited to see how you share it in your next adventure! - Mavis
  • All the best for an amazing retirement! Enjoy your new chapter in life. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. - Stacy
  • Martine, I know we only overlapped for a couple of years of your time here, but I am so very glad that we did. You are full of life and beauty and I enjoyed working with you and hanging out after hours. You are an inspiring woman. See you at the beach! - Noel
  • Martine, I wish I could have had more time working with you. I wish you the very best! - Darcy
  • We will miss you Martine! See you soon walking your dog on the course! - Trevor