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Mike Rempel '03 Receives Citations For COVID-19 Education

Mike Rempel ‘03 is an Educational Specialist at the University Hospital, Newark New Jersey. When the pandemic hit the Tri-State region and surgeries were put on hold, his role as an Educational Specialist for perioperative services shifted. He was given a project, taking his skills from the operating room, into the ICU to educate and train staff on the repositioning of COVID-19 patients in respiratory distress for better ventilation of the lungs and improved breathing. The Army, Navy, and Air Force came to University Hospital and were also trained by Mike. They then stayed to support the overcapacity hospital and a moment in time that Mike reflects on as “surreal.” 

Mike received two citations for his dedication toward excellence in patent care from Headquarters North American Aerospace Defence Command and United States Northern Command for:

  • Research and presentation on “Proning Teams in COVID” to EDGE Providers. 
  • NORAD and USNORTHCOM”s COVID-19 response efforts 

“We appreciate your ability to share your time and talent with the military health providers caring for our sickest patients in the war against the COVID-19 virus.” 

- Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, General, UASF Commander

Mike thanks the military for staying and assisting at University Hospital and the Northwood School community would like to thank Mike for supporting the front lines and being a superhero in the fight against the pandemic. 

Mike hasn’t taken a vacation since last December and this week he enjoyed some time back in Lake Placid, including a little tour of the campus and Innovation Hub with his wife and children. Mike will be finishing his doctoral, Nurse in Practice, in two weeks.