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New Dance Program for 2020-2021


Partnership with Dance Sanctuary 

LAKE PLACID, NY,  January 13, 2020 -  Northwood School announces new programming in dance for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The program will be distinctive among high school programs as a result of having both a performance based and an academic component. It will have options for students wanting a high level dance experience to further their opportunities at the collegiate level and for students with limited or no dance experience who are looking to experiment or strengthen as an athlete. 

The new dance program is in partnership with Dance Sanctuary founders, Mandi Maiore and Vanessa Pillen. From their Saranac Lake location they have has been instilling the skills and technique of dance as an art form and teaching classes since opening their studio in September 2016.

“The new partnership with the Dance Sanctuary builds on our existing partnerships in our growing visual and performing arts program,” states Michael Maher, Head of School. “We see the Adirondack region as an extension of our campus and we are fortunate to have organizations like the Dance Sanctuary, Lake Placid Center for the Arts and others, that help us expand the opportunities for our students.” 

Dance infused into Northwood’s schedule will provide the flexibility of being able to layer dance and academics simultaneously allowing students to push themselves to higher limits.  This will provide Northwood students with first-hand learning experiences to help develop and deepen their interests in specific subject areas while being able to perform and dance at a high level. 

“During the school year, the Northwood dance program will allow students the time to dive into several different kinds of genres of dance, and really build that good foundation in all those genres while also pursuing to study the art of dance,” states Mandi Maiore. 

The dance programming through agility training will also benefit the ski racers, hockey players, soccer players, and more. The foundation of dance will integrate flexibility, strength, agility, and core strength into all athletics benefiting different athletes. Whether experimenting and taking a course to see how it develops their flexibility or core strength or becoming a serious dancer at the collegiate level, offering these courses is going to benefit them all. 

“It may surprise some athletes to know that dance actually benefits all athletes,” states Vanessa Pillen. “That includes soccer players, hockey players and skiers. The foundation of dance, especially when you're talking about flexibility, strength and agility, carries over into all athletics and this program will benefit all different athletes.”