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Northwood Alumni Golf Outing

Alumni Golf Outing

by Stephen Reed

On Tuesday of last week, Headmaster Mike Maher, joined by Pete Ticconi, Tom Broderick, and Steve Reed met with a group comprised of six Northwood alumni (Bill Stewart ‘69, Jerry Buckley ‘91, Matt Kuzniar ‘96, Jason Lumsden ‘96, Erik Berg ‘92, and Chris Selkirk ‘99) and former Northwood parents, Greg and Lorie Harden, for a great afternoon of golf at the beautiful Charles River Country Club in Newton, Massachusetts. Dr. Berg, a member of the club, graciously hosted both the golf and a mirthful after-party in the club lounge, where we were joined by another alum, Terence Durkin ‘12.

My foursome included Jerry, Matt, and Jason. On a good hole I had caught up to their drives after my 3 wood had advanced my own tee shot another 140 yards. On one hole Jerry was feeling pretty good after firing his first stroke 320 yards only to find himself twenty yards behind Jason. I was outmatched big time, but it was great to be with old friends who golfed well and laughed a lot.

Most spent the next three hours in the lounge, munching on wings and pretzels accompanied by various beverages The conversation produced increasing nostalgia and hilarity as stories were swapped about the old times, particularly when the hockey guys spoke about playing for legendary coach, Tom Fleming, whom they remembered fondly for his ability to maximize the excellent talent on their squads by understanding each player’s strengths and making quick mid-game adjustments to the opponents’ strategies.

Our group included individuals representing various fields – medicine, law, business, analytics – and suggested to me again the worth of the prep school experience, which Northwood’s small size may enhance. One of the guys suggested that boarding in the dorms brought new levels of maturity; another thought that the opportunity to be part of a team you lived with developed special life skills. In any event, it is clear that at least part of their individual successes derives from the ability to make people like and trust them.

I much enjoyed being part of such an upbeat and friendly afternoon of competition and good humor.    

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