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Northwood Announces New Wintersteiger Jupiter and Neil Lande, Professional Ski Technician

Get Your Skis Ground on Northwood’s New Wintersteiger Jupiter by Neil Lande, Professional Ski Technician 


About the Wintersteiger:

Jupiter is Wintersteiger’s most advanced ski servicing machine yet. In addition to flattening skis adding a fresh, snow-appropriate structure, the Jupiter also features V-Edge technology for variable base and side edge angles, as well as Wintersteigers new Trim-Cut sidewall removal system which automatically pulls back sidewall for easier edge tuning access whether by machine or hand.


$60.00: Northwood & NYSEF athletes, $75.00: Non-Northwood & NYSEF athletes 

About Neil Lande: 

Neil Lande is Northwood’s Ski Technician and operator of the Wintersteiger Jupiter. He joins our staff with nearly 15 years of experience, many of which were spent traveling the world as a World Cup ski technician for the US Ski Team. 

“When it comes to world-class ski preparation, Wintersteiger's Jupiter machine is the most advanced, accurate, and feature-rich on the market. With the help of the Jupiter, Northwood athletes will have a competitive edge that will truly take their skiing to the next level.” - Neil Lande 

For pick-up and drop-off:

Athletes can drop off and pick up equipment on Wednesday-Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm or by contacting Northwood ski administration directly. The Wintersteiger building is located between the main building and the ski building. Skis are to be labeled and a form completed to ensure the equipment is properly tuned and serviced. Student accounts for Northwood athletes will be billed directly and non-Northwood athletes will be invoiced by the finance office. 

When dropping off skis be sure to fill out the form below: