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Northwood's Athletic Trainer, an integral element of the school's sports program

"Today's student-athletes are stronger, faster, and more focused than in years past, says Northwood School's Athletic Trainer, Andy Donatello. And Donny, as he's known to the school community, shares his perspective from 26 years in the position.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in kinesiology and athletic training, he earned his Master's in Athletic Training at Indiana State University. Then, after two years working with Lake Placid Sports Medicine, he came to Northwood in 1997. "I love to come to work every day. Helping an injured athlete heal and get back to competition is what drives me." Donatello also educates athletes on various training and dietary strategies.

"Our students already know a great deal about conditioning and nutrition, and the school's athletic training department has also changed over the years. I see fewer injuries, but those I see are more serious."

And as the patients he treats have changed, so has his department evolved to handle these new demands, from his continuing education in the field to new treatment modalities, including Normatec compression therapy, Theragun massage therapy, deep tissue manual therapy, and Kinesiotape application. The school has also partnered with local licensed massage therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, as the field of Athletic Trainer has become so crucial in the development of a solid athletic program in all prep schools.