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NWS Crew Update

The Crew's fall racing began on 24 September with the Tail of the Fish, on Fish Creek, in Saratoga Springs. Competing for Northwood were Gus Garvey '25 and Colin Kis '24 in the Boys' Varsity Single; Ashley Guevara '24 in the Girls' Varsity Single; and the Nelson twins, Christie-Ann and Amanda '23, in the Girls' Varsity Double. The regatta, occurring for the first time since 2019, ran in a shortened form, as a 3000-meter "stake" race (out-and-back time trial) on a 1500-meter buoyed course in the wide straightaway of the creek. Our squad of inexperienced racers were there to keep their wits about them and finish without drama, which all did. It was a good day. 

Our second and season-ending fall regatta, the Head of the Fish (also at Fish Creek), on 29–30 October, will see an exceptionally small Northwood team; several athletes will be on a student trip to Washington, D.C. A couple of novice scullers who have been coming along quickly may bolster our presence, if we have mostly good weather in the second half of the month.