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Pathways: Nursing - Nov. 17, 2021

Pathways: Alumni Career Series


Northwood is pleased to present its second Pathways offering of this school year on Nov. 17th at 8:00. The topic will be careers in nursing, and four Northwood graduates from this millennium will speak of their experiences preparing for and working in the profession. Early next week, we will provide a link to the presentation; it will also be recorded as a podcast.

Justin Painter and Molly Babcock both graduated in 2008. Molly graduated from North Country Community College in 2020 and considering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs that offer a bridge to Nurse Practitioner programs. She is currently a travel nurse working on a medical/surgical inpatient floor at Saratoga Hospital. She notes that, with her skill set, giving back to the community is a no brainer; she currently volunteers at a regional addiction services center.

Justin graduated from St. Lawrence University with a degree in biology. While ski patrolling in Park City after college, he got experience transporting various injuries and found a passion for medicine. He went to nursing school in Portland, Maine, graduating from Southern Maine Community College in 2019. He now works as an RN for a primary care provider at Marth’s Vineyard Hospital in the Family Medicine Department, working with patients ranging from the newborn to the elderly.

Cailey Hutchinson ’15 earned a degree from the University of Maine in child development; she then completed a two-year accelerated nursing program at Stony Brook University. She is currently a Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Queens, New York.

The youngest of the group is Kimberly Ellis ’17, who received a BS in biology from Binghamton University in 2021. She has begun working on a combined Master of Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice at Emory University in Atlanta. Her specialty will be Pediatric Primary Care. She has had clinical experience on various units: neurovascular, cardiology and pediatric.