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Refugee Crisis at Center of Northwood's Winter Theater Production

As the number of people around the world displaced by armed conflict and famine continues to rise, governments and individuals grapple with ethical and policy questions dealing with immigration, refugees, and asylum. Northwood School's theater department hopes their winter performance of Anon(ymous), will foster a more personal and human connection to these displaced peoples who otherwise may seem distant and different from us.

In the play, Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka, a young refugee called Anon is separated from his mother and journeys through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people — some kind, some dangerous and cruel — as he searches for his family. From a sinister one-eyed butcher to beguiling barflies to a sweatshop, Anon must navigate through a chaotic, ever-changing landscape in this entrancing adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey.

Performances will be held on Wednesday, February 13th at 10:00 a.m. and  7:00 p.m. at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts. Each show will be followed by a question and answer session with the cast and production team.


  • Directed by: Noel Carmichael
  • Assistant to the Director / Head of Community Outreach: Laura Finnerty Paul
  • Sound Design: Isaac Newcomb
  • Set & Costume Design: Sarah Sheridan
  • Set Design: Fallou Sylla
  • Lighting Design: Maggie MacNeil & Chisondi Mzese
  • Speech Coach: Heather Odell


  • Sean Kgwakgwa: Anon
  • Angelia Castillo: Nemasani
  • Adelia Castillo: Naja
  • Aiden Williams-McCracken: Pascal
  • Haley Donatello: Calista
  • William Vanterpool-Stanford: Mr. Yuri Mackus
  • Alex van Schalkwyck: Ali/Ignacio/Barfly
  • Sara Ellsworth: Ritu/Serza/Sewing Lady #1
  • Jasmin Valenzuela: Nasreen/Belen/Sewing Lady #2
  • Charlie Purcell: Senator Laius/Strygal/Nice American Father/Barfly
  • Courtney Fairchild: Helen Laius/Nice American Mother/Mr. Zyclo’s Pet Bird
  • Quincy Pell: Mr. Zyclo

Chorus of Refugees:

  • Keith Mutunga
  • Eli Jean-Francois
  • Gesang Danda
  • Diego Dutilh Illanes
  • Kirk NguyenLe
  • Alan Gu
  • Selina Li
  • Daisy Li
  • Gary Li
  • Gene Pan
  • Abdou Samb
  • Zheqi Wang
  • James Zhan
  • Minghui Zhou
  • Mingwei Zhou
  • James Zuo