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Northwood Forward: Academic Affairs Update

August 4, 2020

Dear Northwood Families: 

The academic department has been working hard to prepare for a strong start to the 2020-2021 academic year. This letter is intended to give you updates on the latest in our preparations. 

In-person classes 

We previously announced that we will begin this school year in a hybrid manner, part in-person and part virtual, in order to ensure appropriate distancing in classrooms. Over the past weeks, we have made investments in technology and professional development specific to optimizing hybrid learning. At the same time, with creative use of space, we have determined that we will be able to offer more than 90% of our courses with full-time in-person classes for those who are able to return to campus. To make this possible, we are ensuring that all classrooms will be set up to maintain appropriate distance and cleaned following Department of Health sanitation procedures. Additionally, all students and teachers will wear face coverings during classes. 

Virtual learning 

For those students not able to be physically present on campus at the start of the year, or for any duration during the year, you can rest assured that the aforementioned technology and professional development of our teachers is in place to deliver a quality Northwood educational experience. Your class deans and advisors will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to ensure that your circumstances are fully understood by all of your teachers and that a personalized approach is put in place to best meet your needs.  

Course Selections 

Dr. Laura Finnerty Paul has been leading the process to finalize each student’s class schedule. All schedules are now available by logging in to your account on PCR. This is a good time to check those schedules and reach out to Dr. Finnerty Paul with any concerns or questions. 

Noël Carmichael 

Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs 

Northwood School