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Reopening Communication and Additional Resource Documents

August 22, 2020

Dear Northwood Families: 

Yesterday, we welcomed day students to campus to register and get tested for COVID-19, and we are making final preparations for boarding students to arrive on Monday. 

Day students’ folders included the Day Student FAQ, which aims to help day students and their families understand what to expect during quarantine and the start of the school year. 

We also have a Quarantine FAQ, which focuses on the boarding student’s experience during our initial quarantine. The Quarantine FAQ will be in student packets on Monday, but I encourage all boarding students and their families to read it ahead of time. 

The start of the school year is traditionally centered around community-building, bonding, and togetherness. Hugs and high-fives are typically the norm this time of year. However, the public health demands of opening school during a pandemic, even in a location as safe as Lake Placid, mean that we must do things differently this year. We must hold off on hugs, and togetherness while we hunker down for two weeks of quarantine. Starting this way gives us our best chance to have a complete school year. The news is full of stories of colleges and universities and high schools that have had to switch to all remote learning because their communities didn’t fully buy-in to a safe start. That’s why we need everyone to take the pledge and Protect Our Pack. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to campus. 


John Spear 

Assistant Head for School Life