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Learn • Engage • Apply • Perform

At Northwood, students learn by doing – that’s the guiding principle for the school's L.E.A.P. Program, an experiential learning curriculum launched in 2017. Northwood faculty leverage individual expertise to craft week-long courses which immerse students in unique subjects. Students choose their L.E.A.P courses in the first semester and then meet periodically throughout the year in preparation for L.E.A.P week in May.

L.E.A.P. courses take students and faculty out of the classroom for collaborative, first-hand experiences. Students work with experts in the field and are provided opportunities to explore compelling environments and complete ambitious projects resulting in skill development and confidence for future real-world challenges. The L.E.A.P. Showcase that caps the week allows students to share their adventures in learning with the school and local community.

Ready, Set, LEAP!

Each L.E.A.P. course propels students from theory to practice. Teachers guide participants through disciplines as diverse as fly fishing, circus arts, and geothermal energy. These courses give students the opportunity to take on projects and challenges in new settings, and use the information and skills provided by experts to achieve new objectives. The fresh learning perspective encourages student ownership and initiative. Ultimately, L.E.A.P. equips students to navigate complex subjects and tasks independently and successfully.

L.E.A.P. is a place to explore a passion or discover a new interest. View images from Northwood's most recent L.E.A.P. courses.

2023 LEAP Course Descriptions
Adirondack Farm to Table & Culinary Experience
Artistry and Biomechanics of the Modern Circus
St Lucia – Science, Culture and Cuisine
NYC Arts
Exploration in the Adirondacks: Community, Outdoor Recreation, and Regional Identity
Conquer one of the World’s 7 Summits - Kilimanjaro
Introduction to Woodworking
Mountain Rescue
World Games Volunteer
Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Geothermal Sustainability in Iceland
Coastal Vietnam - Sustainable Tourism, Culture, Geology and Cuisine
Golf – A Swing Back in Time
Kayaking from Lake Champlain to Lake George
Muskie Madness
Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Learn French in the South of France
Explore the Adirondacks
Canines – Understanding Man’s Best Friend
Board Game Design
Teaching is easy? Give it a try!
Fly Fishing in the Adirondacks
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