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Honor Code

I pledge my honor...

One of the most important aspects of Northwood School is that every student exhibits both personal and academic honesty. Student are expected to follow the honor system and accept all of its tenets and the responsibilities entailed. 

This Honor Code was developed by the Head of School's council with the understanding that a school's student culture is shaped by actions of the students themselves and it is their duty to exhibit the core values in their daily lives.

On every piece of academic work that is to be assessed for a grade, be it nightly homework or a final exam, each student writes, "On my Honor," and signs his or her name. This serves as shorthand for the full honor code, "I pledge my honor that I have neither given nor received aid on this test/paper/assignment." The Honor Code is of the utmost importance and is based on the idea that a person's honor is sacred, that their word is their bond.

It is our belief that a Northwood student must exhibit honor, integrity, & honesty in all aspects of life, and a respect for all people. 

The honor system is based on the idea that Northwood students exhibit the following principles:

  • Respect for personal property, be it physical or intellectual.
  • Respect for the idea that their word is their bond.
  • Respect for Northwood's Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Compassion, and Integrity