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Living at Northwood

Northwood: A Community Like No Other

Our private boarding school in upstate New York is unique because of its offerings, but our students' experiences are distinguished by being a part of a community like no other. Our size ensures that every person is well known to all others and our location provides opportunities for members of our community to share experiences that will bond them together well beyond their time on campus. At other schools, the most difficult moments come when trying to enter that new environment. At Northwood, struggles don't come in the first days of joining our community, it's when the time comes to "Ring the Bell" at graduation and leave this place that has become a second home. 

A Northwood School student's experience is defined by the relationships they form with their peers and the faculty while living in the vibrant and beautiful town of Lake Placid, NY. Having the ability to take advantage of the wonders of the Adirondack Park, walk Main Street with friends or explore Lake Placid's Olympic history and facilities ensures that Northwood students' days are unlike those of students elsewhere...and it's days like these which keep Northwood School a part of our students lives well beyond graduation.