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Northwood At A Glance

Northwood School by the numbers:

Enrollment 187 students   Average years of Experience  19
Grades 9-12/PG   Number of Alumni on the Faculty 8
Gender  Distribution 65% male,  35% female   % of Faculty with Advanced Degrees 50
Geographic Distribution 65% domestic,  35% International   Academic Support Available Yes
States Represented 20   Number of College Counselors 3
Countries Represented 22   Average Class Size 10
Student to Faculty ratio 5.5 to 1   Number of Co-Curricular Offerings 15
Number of Faculty 33   Number of LEAP Courses Offered 12


Name Position Email
Michael Maher Head of School
Brad Olch Chair of the Board of Trustees  
Teresa Brady Chief Financial Officer/Director of Human Resources
Tom Broderick Associate Head of School
Noel Carmichael Dean of Faculty
Darcy Norfolk Director of Marketing
Kelvin Martinez Dean of Multicultural Affairs & Recruitment
Gino Riffle Director of Admissions
David McCauley Director of College Counseling
John Spear Asst. Head of School for Student Life
Tara Wright School Psychologist


Northwood School Admission