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Northwood News provides ongoing highlights important topics and areas of interest at Northwood School. 

March 15, 2023

Many in the Northwood community enjoyed the recent Ring the Bell videos on Instagram which covered a wide variety of activities at school. Among the favorites was of the mascot, the Northwood Husky, portrayed striding past the victory bell and letting loose with a howl. Last year, viewers might recall the internet video, Husky Love, in which the mascot was joined in matrimony to another costumed canine by our own Justice, Steve Reed. In addition to his cyber appearances, the Husky is involved in much of school life, including at most sporting events. The question many outside of school… continue reading

March 13, 2023

Annie Edwards has returned to Northwood School after serving as the Director of University Guidance at Beijing City International School in Beijing, China. She spent this academic year at Northwood as a school counseling intern working closely with and being mentored by Mrs. Tara Wright, School Psychologist and Director of the Learning Center.    Annie is completing her second master’s degree, this time in counseling. Annie holds a BA from St. Lawrence University, an MA from Middlebury College, and a certificate in college counseling from UCLA. She will soon complete a master’s degree in… continue reading

March 13, 2023

"I was visiting Lake Placid the fall of 2021 and learned of the upcoming Lake Placid 2023 FISU World University Games to be held in  January. In early 2022, volunteer opportunities opened up and I applied. By the fall things were firming up for me to be involved in the Game’s men’s ice hockey events assisting with game stats. At that point, I was in regular communication with Dave Webb, Sports Manager, for the ice hockey events.   The preliminary games between a field of twelve men’s teams were to be held at SUNY Canton and Clarkson University, with the medal events to be held at the… continue reading

March 09, 2023

As with other Northwood teams, members of the school’s Robotics squad each have their roles to play. Brian B. ’23 is the team’s Captain and explains, “During competitions, I make sure all my team is doing what they need to be doing. I pay attention more to the mechanical side of the robot rather than, for example, coding, so I look at it from an engineering standpoint and if we need to, I can usually figure something out that'll work out a little bit better.” As Brian speaks, Kirk N. '23  studies a laptop, intensely scrolling through the lines of code necessary for the Northwood robot to… continue reading

February 06, 2023

Perhaps the most physically and psychologically challenging LEAP offering of the year was the ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which at 19,321 feet is the highest peak in Africa.

With proper planning and the combined experience of the trip’s ten students (Uma Naima Laguna-Curtis ’26, Colton Cushman ’25, Gus Garvey ’25, Alex Randall ’25, Sophia Sherman’25, Brian Brady ’24, Ashely Guevara ’24, Avery Novia ’24, Wyatt Wardlaw ’24, and Finley Donahue ’23), faculty Noël Carmichael, Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs, her husband, Chisondi; Northwood Outing Club Director, Bobby O'Connor;… continue reading

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