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Ski Team Roster

Athletes participate in Alpine, Freeride, and Nordic.   The Northwood Ski Team and Northwood Freeride and Nordic members are a part of the NYSEF program. Together, athletes across disciplines receive expert coaching and education to succeed in sport and academics. 

Alpine U16 Girls

Name Grade Country Discipline
Julianne Brochu 10 CAN Alpine
Cara Dempsey 10 USA Alpine
Cecilia Keller 10 USA Alpine
Sydney Kuder 10 USA Alpine
Teegan Wardlaw 10 USA Alpine

Alpine U18 Girls

Maegan Byrne 11 USA Alpine
Elisabeth Creighton 11 CAN Alpine
Lea Lamber 11 CAN Alpine
Olivia Levesque 11 CAN Alpine
Caroline Purcell 11 USA Alpine
Sophia Schupp 11 USA Alpine

Alpine U16 Boys

Aston Ferillo 9 USA Alpine
Jackson Magnus 9 USA Alpine
Denny Sebek 10 USA Alpine
Cole Van Etten 10 USA Alpine
Zach Wargo 10 USA Alpine

Alpine U18 Boys

Bodhi Boschen 11 USA Alpine
Edouard Brochu 11 CAN Alpine
Pedro Gonzalo 12 SPAIN Alpine
Sam Rudy 12 USA Alpine
Justin Zeng 12 CHN Alpine


Sophia Kelting 12 USA Nordic
Jack Kroll 10 USA Nordic
Daven Linck 10 USA Nordic
Abigail Van Dorn 10 USA Nordic
Bella Wissler 12 USA Nordic


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