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A Day For Northwood

The Northwood Bell has become an iconic symbol of accomplishment and good news on campus since its arrival in the summer of 1998. Its role is defined in the celebration of school pride and achievements from college acceptances and team victories to the arrival of newborn faculty children and Commencement. The bell has also become the symbol of our annual giving day, "Ring the Bell for Northwood." This day occurs on the first Thursday in March, it is the largest fund-raising event on Northwood's calendar and unites alumni from around the globe in support of their second home in the Adirondacks.

How To Be An Advocate


Ring The Bell Advocates are crucial to reaching our goals for Ring The Bell (RTB). They are critical to spreading the word and generating enthusiasm among our alumni, parents and friends by sharing information on their social media platforms leading up to and on March 7, 2024. 

Here are steps you can take to become an advocate for RTB.

1 | Set up your advocate page at Just Giving by clicking here. The steps to join Just Giving are listed below. 

2 | In the top right corner of the RTB Just Giving Page you have the option of Logging in or Signing up. Create a sign in either by using your email or connecting to your Facebook account.  Once you have created your account you can opt to do one of the following:  Share the main page to your social media feeds.  Click on one of the five main fundraising pages: Parents, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Soccer or NOC (Northwood Outing Club). You can share that page on your social media feeds. 

3 | Once you decide how to work with Just Giving you will be ready to reach out to your Northwood School network.  You can text, email or mail the unique Just Giving urls (from either the main page or subsequent main fundraising pages to your Northwood Contacts.  The best start is to simply remind your friends that RTB is March 7th, 2024 and ask that they consider making a gift. 

4 | On February 25th Northwood School will release one video a day over the ten days leading up to March 7th, 2024. Please share these videos on your social media platforms and with your Northwood Contacts. 

5 | Consider making a advocacy appeal video on your phone. The steps to do so are listed below. 

6 | Consider using your RTB gift as a way to challenge others to give by either making it a matching gift, give a set donation per gift your contacts give, or ask that collectively they help you raise a specific amount of money for one of the school challenges (Ice Hockey, Skiing, Soccer, or Northwood Outing Club.)

7 |  On March 6th, 2024, remind your contacts that RTB begins on the 7th. Share the school’s live look-in schedules and update your contacts on specific matching challenges announced during the day.

8 | On March 8th, 2024, thank your contacts for their support and remind those who didn’t give that it's not too late to Ring The Bell for Northwood.

How to make an advocacy appeal video.


Before you begin making your personal appeal click on this link to better understand what makes a good advocacy appeal.

Write a short script. 

Use the camera on your phone to record your appeal. 

Either create or use your YouTube account to upload your film 

Share your film on your Just Giving page.