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Learning Center

Supporting the learning styles of our students

Northwood School’s Learning Center is designed for students who are capable of meeting the standards of our curriculum but require or seek an extra layer of academic support in order to do so. The Learning Center is staffed by a team of Academic Coaches trained to assist students with academic anxiety, ADD/ADHD, executive function deficiencies, and mild to moderate diagnosed learning disabilities. Learning Center services are fully integrated into our daily schedule in order to allow students to take full advantage of all academic and co-curricular offerings.

Our approach to serving students is three-pronged.

We believe in growing an open dialogue about learning and progress between students, teachers, coaches, and families. Our online communication system provides for frequent feedback from teachers to students and their coaches, along with weekly follow-up to parents.

We also believe in the importance of frequency to the development of successful routines and academic habits. Students enrolled in Northwood School’s Learning Center meet with their academic coaches four times a week during the academic day, participate in an organized study hall on the fifth day, and receive support for their progress through the facilitation of five evening study hall sessions in the Learning Center each week. Our students benefit from working with some of the most dedicated professionals in education during the class day and during evening study halls.

And lastly, the Northwood Learning Center model supports students as they work to improve areas of weakness, but more importantly learn how to take advantage of their strengths. Our Academic Coaches use a “strengths-based” philosophy as the foundation to build individualized plans that increase self-awareness and knowledge of learning styles, establish strong academic habits and behaviors, and allow students to find success at and beyond the collegiate level.

Learning Center Offerings & Fee Structure for 2017-18:

1-on-1 Academic Support: $11,000/year

Small Group Academic Support: $7,500/year

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