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Details About Arrival Day

Dear Northwood Families:

Please read carefully as the following correspondence includes a lot of information.  I write today to share information about Arrival Day for Day Students (Friday, August 21) and Boarding Students (Monday, August 24).

To reduce density on a day that is usually marked by crowds, we ask that each student sign up for an individual registration appointment dedicated to their cohort on their specific registration day. For day students, registration is between 1pm and 5pm on August 21st. For boarding students, registration is between 11am and 6pm on Monday, August 24th. It is crucial that you arrive at your assigned time. To keep the size of our crowd down, we ask that students be accompanied by only one parent or guardian. All persons coming on campus must be free from all symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection. Temperatures of all visitors will be taken prior to registration. In addition, anyone who has been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19 in the past 14 days may not come to campus. Click on the appropriate link to sign up for a registration appointment on Arrival Day:

Day Students (Friday, August 21):

Boarding Students (Monday, August 24):

When you arrive at the Main Entrance at 92 Northwood Road, please park in the designated parking area and remain in your car until your selected time slot. Once your time slot has arrived, leave your car and proceed to the tent to check-in. At the tent, students will be tested for COVID-19, visit with our nurses to confirm health forms are up-to-date, check/update your personal information, leave your passport, and sign the Northwood Community Pledge. Upon completion of that process you will return to your car. Day students will leave campus and boarding students will be directed by Northwood Staff to your designated unloading area. 

Access to campus on registration day will be limited to the tent and the individual dorm to which your student is assigned. We have cleaning protocols in place which allow us to welcome you to these areas, but we ask that you please restrict your access to the rest of our campus. Temporary restrooms will be available outside at several locations on campus.

Here are some important reminders:

Testing & Quarantine Every student should arrive with proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered in the 5 days prior to the student’s arrival. If test results are not yet available, please indicate this to the school Doctor with whom you will meet, so arrangements can be made for follow-up results reporting. Students without a documented negative test will be directed to the Alpine Inn where they will be housed and supervised by Northwood faculty until they receive a negative test result.  At this time they will be moved into their on campus residence. Students will be expected to submit to an additional COVID-19 test during the health check on Registration Day.

Boarding Students For boarding students, once registration is complete, you will proceed directly to your hall to move into your room. Once your car has moved from the registration tent to your designated unloading area you have 30 minutes to move onto your hall. Traditionally, campus drop-off day at Northwood is marked by crowded dormitories with parents, siblings and sometimes grandparents helping students move in and unpack. This year will have to be different. While we know how important drop-off day can be, public health protocols preclude us from allowing anyone except students into the residence halls. Our staff will be on hand to welcome students to campus and give them their room keys. Families, we’ll encourage you to ask your students to send you photos of their rooms, and we hope to welcome you into the residence halls on a future visit. A reminder to pack light, lighter than usual. You should pack just enough belongings to make it to November, not the full year. You also will want to make sure to have your own water bottle, coffee mug, rain gear, extra snacks and drinks and any items you may need for the classroom (pencil case stocked with all needs, binders, paper, and notebooks). There will be no jitney runs during quarantine. Once boarding students move into their rooms, they are in quarantine and must follow all of the quarantine rules. Students who forgot an item will be able to access it by mail, from online retailers, or from a store in town through their advisors during the quarantine.

Day Students Once registration is complete, it is expected that you leave campus immediately. Day students are not permitted to be on campus outside of their registration time.

Tomorrow you will receive an update about the two-week quarantine, including the scheduled programming for that time and the expectations we will have during quarantine.


Leigh Riffle Assistant Dean of StudentsImage removed.