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Honoring Our Vietnam Veterans - Update

In an earlier post, I wrote of Northwood School’s commitment to honor our Vietnam veterans as we have those from World War Two with a plaque commemorating their selfless service.  A call from Col. Dave Husing ’62 provided the impetus to action. Mostly through the tireless efforts of Dave Gibson ’65, a truly devoted son of Northwood, we have so far identified fourteen graduates who served in that war: Robert Hanke ’66, Bart Green ’60, Bill Wanner and A Jacques Wulschleger - both ’61, Dave Husing ’62, John Donovan, Beauchamp Carr, John Lockhart, Ralph Spaulding – all ’63, Ed Righter ’65, Tom Smith, Steve North, Gil MacDougald , Edward Tyree– all ’66.

I have no reason to believe that our list is complete; if any of you out there know of others, please let us know. We would love to have a plaque with the most accurate list possible by this year’s graduation.